France Photo Contest!


Yamanashi Prefecture

As part of the Host Town initiative, the city of Fujiyoshida organized the “France Photo Contest” marking one year to the start of the Tokyo Olympic Games.

The contest was implemented not only as a means of encouraging public interest in France and the Olympic games, but also as tool for publicity, advertisement and promotion.
The theme of the contest was “connections of the heart that bond us with France” and many residents sent a variety of creative and unique entries.

【France Photo Contest(Grand Prize Winner)】

<Theme:Good Memories of France>

The winner of the grand prize submitted this photo with the caption “We look forward to cheering for France – the place where we honeymooned – this time as a family of three!”

【France Photo Contest(Other:Finalist)】

■Special Host Town Prize <Theme:One Try>

■Semi Finalist <Theme:France that I long for>

■3rd place <Theme:Tri-color>

■Find details on the contest here

【France Photo Contest Award Ceremony】

※Due to COVID-19, only the finalists participated in the awards ceremony

【Submissions are on display at municipal buildings including City Hall】

※A selection of submissions were on display at City Hall and the Civic Center

As the training site for the France national team leading up to the Tokyo Olympic Games, Fujiyoshida City looks forward to continue working toward the Host Town initiative.

Fujiyoshida City Hall / City Planning Department
International Sports Competition Training Camp Invitation Promotion Office
TEL: 0555-22-1353
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