Yahaba-Nagai-Nasushiobara’s Joint Food Fair offers “Austrian Omotenashi (Hospitality) Menu”!


Yahaba-Nagai-Nasushiobara’s Joint Food Fair offers “Austrian Omotenashi (Hospitality) Menu”!

Iwate Prefecture

In February 2020, through a mutual interest in music, the town of Yahaba in Iwate Prefecture became a host town for the Republic of Austria as part of the Thank You for the Reconstruction Host Town Project for the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games. The town aims to promote various host town activities with Austria by collaborating with other host towns of the country – Nagai City in Yamagata Prefecture and Nasushiobara City in Tochigi Prefecture. All three host towns have been conducting online exchanges since the summer of 2020 to support each other’s activities.

For a limited time in February 2021, in order to welcome all athletes and members of the Austrian national team with open arms during the Tokyo Games, the three host towns are now hosting a food fair, where you can eat each region’s version of an “omotenashi (hospitality) dish” using locally obtained products. A dessert inspired by Austria’s sachertorte and made with combined ingredients from all three regions is also available. The dishes are made by local chefs and are designed to introduce Austrian food culture and promote new local ingredients to the local community at the same time. Therefore, if you are in the area, please come and try these new dishes!

Austrian “Omotenashi” Menu Food Fair

Duration: February 1 (Mon) to 28 (Sun), 2021
Location: TOM Creperie & Deli
(7-199 Kurumi Apartment 1F, Yahaba, Shiwa, Iwate 028-3614)
Hours: 11:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. (Last order: 4:00 P.M.)
*Shop may close irregularly so it is best to call in advance if you intend to stop by.
Tel: 019-681-7337
Menu: Sachertorte (\600 per slice; co-developed with the other host towns)
Shiitake broth crepe soup with local vegetables (\1,300; includes bread, salad, and one drink)

Culture and Sports Division
Yahaba Town Hall
TEL: 019-611-2862
Email: yahaba2850@town.yahaba.iwate.jp
(Japanese language inquiries only)


Office of International Affairs
Iwate Prefectural Government
TEL: 019-629-5764
Email: AB0011@pref.iwate.jp
(English or Japanese language inquiries)


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