To realize a society in which all people can support each other ~“Inclusive Society Forum in Tono” Event Report~

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To realize a society in which all people can support each other ~“Inclusive Society Forum in Tono” Event Report~

Iwate Prefecture

The “Inclusive Society Forum in Tono” was held on January 31st, 2021 (Sun), which included a stage event with an award ceremony and presentation of projects under the theme of promoting an inclusive society. Participants of all ages, gender, nationality, and disability were also welcome to enjoy the various booths with activities related to sports and multicultural understanding set up for the event.

With Tono being the host town to Brazil for the Tokyo Games, the stage event began with a chorus of the Brazilian national anthem by the Tono citizen chorus group; followed by programs such as an award ceremony to businesses who are cooperative in promoting an inclusive society, presentations of the host town project by local high school students, and a keynote lecture to envision an inclusive society that will be triggered by the Paralympic Games. The event provided an excellent opportunity for citizens to give thought to realizing an inclusive society in their hometown – Tono.

At the event booth section, participants were able to experience various activities related to parasports and multicultural understanding. For the parasports booth, first-time players enjoyed a game of wheelchair basketball, boccia, and table tennis volleyball, while learning each sport’s appeals. For multicultural understanding, multiple booths representing eight countries and regions worldwide with connections to Tono were set up, visitors enjoyed talking with foreign residents in Tono from these countries and regions while also getting hands-on cultural and food experience.

Signboards made for the event by the Tono classroom of the Hanamaki Seifu Special-Needs School and an exhibition of projects to bring about a more inclusive society done by local elementary schoolers were on display. Through these works, both children and adults were able to bond together and thoroughly enjoy a fun and lively event.

Using this event as a starting point, the city of Tono plans to boost efforts to realize an inclusive society in which all people can support each other.

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