A French Influencer promotes Fujiyoshida to the World (Part 2) – Tourism, History and Culture –


A French Influencer promotes Fujiyoshida to the World (Part 2) – Tourism, History and Culture –

Yamanashi Prefecture

As an Olympic Host Town for France during the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Paralympic Games, Fujiyoshida City has implemented several social, economic and cultural exchange programs.

As part of this effort, French YouTuber Guillaume Jamar visited Fujiyoshida City to promote local tourism, history, culture, industry and education. In Part 1, we reflected on his time visiting a local junior high school, in Part 2 he tours the city to introduce local tourism, history and culture to his French audience.

【Touring Arakurayama Sengen Koen Park】

【Touring the Kanadorii gate and Oshi-machi Area】

Mr. Jamar toured all of the major tourist sites in the area including Arakurayama Sengen Koen Park, Kitaguchi Hongu Fuji Sengen Jinja Shrine and an Oshi Pilgrim’s Inn. The view of sakura cherry blossoms from Arakurayama Sengen Park is apparently famous in France, and the combination of Mt. Fuji, cherry blossoms and pagoda, is one of the images that represents Japan for many French people. In the evening Mr. Jamar toured Shinsekai Kanpai Dori, an area that has led efforts in regional development, and enjoyed the lit up cityscape while ducking into a shop that caught his attention to enjoy a meal. On a following day, since the French enjoy the outdoors, Mr. Jamar hiked Mount Shakushiyama, and explored Asumiko Koen Park and Joyama Higashi Noson Koen Park. On the day of filming, the crew was blessed with great weather and spectacular views of Mt. Fuji so Mr. Jamar was able to fully experience the great allure of the city at its base.

【Mt. Fuji and the cityscape from the summit of Mt. Shakushiyama】

【Hydrangeas at Lake Asumiko Koen Park】

To capture local industry, Mr. Jamar visited a textile factory and participated in a hand-dyeing workshop. At the Hikari Orimono factory shop, he made a temple stamp book called a “goshuincho,” and at the Maruko Sangyo factory shop he tried his hand at a technique called “dai dai zome” and created an original piece. According to him, for the French, participating in hands-on experiences unique to the region while communicating in gestures and broken language is very appealing.

【Factory tour】

【”dai dai zome” workshop】

Following his stay in the city, Mr. Jamar reflected on the experience by saying “There’s a lot in this city that will appeal to the French beyond just the famous view of Mt. Fuji from Arakurayama Sengen Park. Because the French enjoy nature, history and culture, I want to convey this to my viewers.” From this experience we learned to recognize that travelers may in fact drawn to the very things that we tend to take for granted in our daily lives and that they have great interest in cultures that differ from their own and seek out interactions and opportunities that are unique to that place.

Though the Olympics have been postponed for a year due to the Corona virus, during the games in 2021 we anticipate welcoming a great number of visitors not only to Tokyo but to our city as well. We look forward to creating a legacy that lasts beyond our role as an Olympic Host Town, in which we continue to build on our cross-cultural exchanges and promote mutual understanding.

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