A French Influencer promotes Fujiyoshida to the World (Finale) – Streaming –


A French Influencer promotes Fujiyoshida to the World (Finale) – Streaming –

Yamanashi Prefecture

As an Olympic Host Town for France during the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Paralympic Games, Fujiyoshida City has implemented several social, economic and cultural exchange programs.

As part of this effort we invited French influencer Mr. Guillaume Jamar to Fujiyoshida to participate in exchanges with the local community and spread information in a video, which has now started streaming on his YouTube channel “Ichiban Japan.”

In the video there are many scenes of Mr. Jamar chatting with students about their cultural differences and speaking with them during his special class.

In introducing the city’s tourism, history and culture, Mr. Jamar did not only document his visits to the famous sites, but also explored some of the lesser known spots that he thought would be of interest to his French viewers. The video gave locals an opportunity to reexamine the appeal of the region.

【Arakurayama Sengen Koen Park】

【Former Home of Togawa Family】

The completed video can be viewed on YouTube.
It includes Japanese subtitles so that Japanese viewers can also enjoy.
We anticipate large numbers of visitors to Japan during the games next year and we hope to welcome that many more who have been intrigued by Mr. Jamar’s video.

[See the video here!] 

[Part 1 – Exchange with Locals]
[Part 2 – Tourism, History and Culture]

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