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“Ichiban Japan” 12 hour Twitch Livestream from Fujiyoshida

Fujiyoshida City has partnered with French YouTuber Guillaume Jamar of popular Japan content channel “Ichiban Japan” to promote the city’s culture, tourism and trade with French audiences since the city was designated as the Olympic Host Town to France during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. His video introducing Fujiyoshida has been viewed 369,000 times as of March 2023 and he continues to promote Fujiyoshida on social media. …


Japanese Culture Workshop – Making Kyaraben –

On Sunday, September 23, 2022, we held a Japanese culture workshop at the Shimoyoshida Community Center for foreigners living in the city to introduce the art of making “kyaraben”. Japan’s “bento” (boxed lunch) culture is famous around the world. People are drawn to bento not only because of their deliciousness, but also because of the richness of the ingredients packed into a small bowl, their nutritional …


“Mt. Fuji as Told by Five Japanese” on Ichiban Japan

In its capacity has Host Town for France and the United States during the Tokyo Olympics held in 2021, Fujiyoshida City has continued to implement a wide range of exchanges with both countries. 【Mt. Fuji from the city】 Guillaume Jamar is a French influencer and the creator behind the “Ichiban Japan” YouTube channel with whom Fujiyoshida City previously partnered to create promotional content for his French …


American Youtuber Promotes Fujiyoshida to the World

Fujiyoshida City became sister cities with Colorado Springs, CO in 1962 and has since shared countless exchanges with its American Sister City. It was thanks to this strong existing relationship that Fujiyoshida also became an Olympic Host Town to the United States dedicated to implementing social, economic and cultural exchange programs between the two countries during the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Paralympic Games. [A torii gate in …


Revised Edition “Omotenashi Fujiyoshida Host Town Conversation Handbook”

Fujiyoshida has worked toward cultivating a lasting legacy as an Olympic Host Town to France and the United States during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics by developing numerous projects in various categories. 【Mount Fuji from Arakurayama Sengen Park】 In this project, the city published a revised edition of the “Omotenashi Fujiyoshida Host Town Conversation Handbook”, a collection of vocabulary and phrases to help ease conversation between international …


Fujiyoshida Host Town Promotion Event “Omoide France”

Fujiyoshida was designated as an Olympic Host Town for France in June 2016.Following designation, the city has hosted the French national rugby team to train prior to the HSBC World Rugby Women’s Sevens Series in Kitakyushu, the 2019 Rugby World Cup, and Tokyo Olympics, and has organized ceremonies, public practices, school visits and much more during each stay. 【Exchanges with the French National Rugby Team】Fujiyoshida hosted …


Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games: French Female Rugby Sevens have a public practice during their pre-tournament training camp!

The French Female Rugby Sevens prepared for the Tokyo 2020 Games at their pre-tournament training camp in Fujiyoshida City. Their training camp lasted July 11-26, and on Sunday, July 18 and Thursday, July 22, the team’s practice was opened to the public following strict COVID-19 prevention guidelines. Social distancing was enforced to ensure that there was no direct contact between players and spectators. Spectators were instructed …


Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games: Reception for the French Female Rugby Sevens during their Pre-tournament Training Camp

The French Female Rugby Sevens prepared for the Tokyo 2020 Games at their pre-tournament training camp in Fujiyoshida City. Their training camp lasted July 11-26 and on July 17 (Saturday), the city hosted a welcome reception for the team. The Fujisan Kaen Taiko Drumming Troupe which had previous exchanges with team performed at the reception. Though in previous years, players and staff were invited on stage …


Cultural Exchange at Pre-Games Camp in Hachimantai City (Rwanda)

Rwandan athletes enjoy traditional Japanese culture. On July 14, on their way back to the hotel, the Rwandan team was able to witness a dashi, festival float, used in several festivals in Hachimantai. While they were only able to see from their windows, they enjoyed the sight of the large dashi being pulled by many people and was able to briefly experience traditional Japanese culture. A …


Local students interacted with the Rwandan Olympic Team online!

 A cooking project was conducted at the Tairadate High School in Hachimantai City, northern Iwate, in collaboration with African countries organized by the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Committee. The project aims to give athletes from various countries an opportunity to experience Japanese hospitality, or omotenashi, through food at their host towns and also create a legacy between the host town and their partner country. Students from …

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