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The ambassador of Japan to Namibia visits its Olympic host town Miyako City

On December 12th, H.E. Hideaki Harada, the Ambassador of Japan to Namibia, visited the country’s Olympic Host Town, Miyako City of Iwate Prefecture, to give a talk on Namibia. In all, 180 local middle school students and teachers gathered to learn about the country’s culture and people, as well as the work of Japan’s diplomats.   “We hope to expand relations between Japan and Namibia in …


Kurume kimono maker to finish 213 global kimono by spring, making one for each country or region as an Olympic project

Hironaka Notsuhara, The Nishinippon Shimbun Staff Writer The Kimono Project, with the goal of making kimono and obi (sashes) with designs representing the nature and culture of each country before the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, is expected to finish sets for all 213 countries and regions in the world by March 2020. The end is in sight for this project which Mr. Yoshimasa Takakura (51), …

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Welcoming athletes by growing Hungarian peppers: Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics host town, Tochigi City

Tochigi—In order to increase awareness of Hungary among the residents of Tochigi City, which has been registered as a host town for Hungary during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, Tochigi Agricultural High School and the Tochigi City International Center have begun cultivating Hungarian peppers. The peppers they grow will be served to the athletes from the Hungarian team when they come to Japan. On July 2, …

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Hanamaki in northern Japan cheers on the United States, its “Arigato” Host Town Partner, with an exchange event

On November 3rd, 2019 (Sun), Hanamaki City in Iwate, northern Japan, held a special exchange event for elementary students and English teachers from the United States. Participants learned about the Tokyo 2020 Host Town Initiative as well as American sports culture, and then worked together to create banners to cheer on American athletes.     Hanamaki is the “Arigato” Host Town to the United States for …

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University students learning from the Olympics and Paralympics, demonstrating hospitality, and building international exchange

  Pierre de Coubertin, the father of the modern Olympics, wanted the Games to encourage young people to be healthy, and lead to mutual understanding and peace. Hosting the Olympics and Paralympics, with people visiting from around the world and various issues that must be dealt with, can be said to be a valuable learning opportunity for the university students of the next generation. Promoting Japanese …

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Australian elementary students travel to their “Arigato” Host Town, Kamaishi City in Iwate, northern Japan

From November 14 – 19, 2019, Kamaishi City in Iwate Prefecture, northern Japan, will welcome seven Australian elementary students to their city. This is part of the “Arigato” Host Town project, as Austalia is partnered with Kamaishi. As Kamaishi hosted one of the Rugby World Cup 2019 ™ games, the students will participate in a huge competition of tag rugby along with elementary schools of Kamaishi! …

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Showing gratitude for recovery support with medals: Potters of Yamagata planning to present gifts to countries participating in the Games

In order to indicate their appreciation for the aid received from countries around the world after the Great East Japan Earthquake, artisans in Tohoku are planning to present commemorative medals to all the nations participating in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games. The project started with potters and lacquerers in Yamagata Prefecture, who are looking for other professional artisans and designers working in Tohoku to …

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Myanmar Athletes visited Host City Tsurugashima and pre-game camp at Josai University

 Under 2020 Tokyo Oympic and Paralympic Host Town Project,11 members of Myanmar Athletes visited Host City Tsurugashima and pre-game camp at Josai University from 26th September until 2nd October. 11 members include 9 JUDO,Track and field Athletes and 2 Coaches. On 26th Septembers they were welcome at Narita International Airport by Myanmar Embassy, Tsurugashima city and Josai University officials. On 27th September, Welcome reception was held at Josai …

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Bonsai Mecca & Cultural Heritages for Tokyo 2020 Basketball & Soccer Venue – SAITAMA CITY

Saitama City is a host venue for football and basketball games of the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. Saitama City is conveniently located with train connections including 6 shinkansen lines and highway network such as Tohoku Expressway. In addition to such a site characteristic with an easy access from Central Tokyo, Saitama City enjoys rich cultural and natural heritages, including Minuma Tambo, an area of paddy fields …

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Regarding Nagoya Host Town Festival

Going towards the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics (hereinafter Tokyo 2020 Games) Nagoya City was registered as a host town to France, Canada and Uzbekistan. Therefore, we are pleased to inform you that in order to cultivate and promote the Olympic atmosphere in Nagoya for the Tokyo 2020 Games, the following event will be held featuring cultural exchange with partner countries and Paralympic sports experience. It …

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