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Go for it! JGAP at Tokyo 2020

 Some high school students are aiming for JGAP at Tokyo 2020, to provide ingredients that athletes will rave about at the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics in two years. JGAP certification is necessary in order to provide ingredients for Tokyo 2020. Therefore, in the fiscal year of 2018, Fukushima Prefectural Fukushima Meisei High School acquired JGAP, which is a Japanese certification, for a variety of items, including tomatoes, …

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[Media Invitation] World Bosai Forum/International Disaster and Risk Conference IDRC 2019 in Sendai

 The World Bosai Forum in partnership with the International Disaster and Risk Conferences (IDRC), a conference held in Davos, Switzerland will bring together industry, government, academia, and people involved in disaster risk reduction (DRR) from all over the world in this Japan-born (Sendai⋆-born) international forum.  This international forum is open to and encourages the participation of members of the general public not just professionals in this …

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