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Cultural Exchange at Pre-Games Camp in Hachimantai City (Rwanda)

Rwandan athletes enjoy traditional Japanese culture. On July 14, on their way back to the hotel, the Rwandan team was able to witness a dashi, festival float, used in several festivals in Hachimantai. While they were only able to see from their windows, they enjoyed the sight of the large dashi being pulled by many people and was able to briefly experience traditional Japanese culture. A …


Local students interacted with the Rwandan Olympic Team online!

 A cooking project was conducted at the Tairadate High School in Hachimantai City, northern Iwate, in collaboration with African countries organized by the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Committee. The project aims to give athletes from various countries an opportunity to experience Japanese hospitality, or omotenashi, through food at their host towns and also create a legacy between the host town and their partner country. Students from …

International Exchange

The Rwandan Olympic Team trained in Hachimantai!

Starting on July 9, 2021, the Rwandan team worked on their final touches in preparation for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Athletics: 1 male marathon athlete and 1 female 5,000-m athlete trained for two hours at the Iwate Prefectural Sports Park. Cycling Track: 1 athlete trained for cycled 180km around Hachimantai for about six hours. Swimming: 1 male 50-m freestyle swimmer and 1 female 50-m freestyle swimmer …


Spanish and Portuguese canoe slalom Olympians trained at the pre-game campsite in Oshu

A pre-games training was held at the Oshu-Isawa River Canoe Competition Venue in Oshu City, Iwate Prefecture, where Olympians from Portugal (June 27 ~ July 7, 2021) and Spain (July 4 ~ July 7, 2021) worked on their final physical adjustments ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. The pre-games training camp was made possible for both national teams when the Spanish team introduced the venue …


High school students in Morioka got to try food from Mali

The city of Morioka in Iwate Prefecture, northern Japan, is the only city in Japan registered as a host town for the Republic of Mali. The city will also host a training camp for the sports of judo for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.On December 17, 2020, six students from the Morioka Daini High School were able to enjoy a taste of Malian cuisine, such as …


Miyako students enjoy Namibian cuisine

Miyako City in Iwate Prefecture is designated as a host town for Republic of Namibia. On December 10, 2020, Namibian dish of “schnitzel” made with pork was served at school lunch. All elementary and junior high school students in Miyako enjoyed Namibian dish. Sakiyama Junior High School invited Mrs. Frederika Sasaki, a native of Namibia, as a cultural lecturer for the class about the climate, cuisine, …


A big THANK YOU from Iwate’s host towns to the world for their support in our reconstruction ~We are all, one world/ Light Up HOST TOWN Project~

For the third round of the “We are all, one world/ Light Up HOST TOWN Project”, the host towns of Iwate will publish a video for their partner countries and regions using a sketchbook to display messages of support, which will be posted on the host town exclusive website set up by the Cabinet Secretariat of Japan. We have received an outpouring of support from around …

International Exchange

Ichinohe Town and Paraguay signs an agreement to hold a training camp

The town of Ichinohe, located in the northern region of Iwate Prefecture, is the host town of the Republic of Paraguay for the 2020 Olympics. On November 19, 2020 (Thu), Raul Florentin-Antola, Paraguay’s ambassador to Japan appointed by the Paralympic Committee, visited the Ichinohe Town Hall to meet with Ichinohe Mayor Tanaka and signed an agreement to conduct a pre-game training camp for the Tokyo Paralympic …

International Exchange

Elementary students in Ichinohe created a universal design map

The town of Ichinohe, located in the northern region of Iwate Prefecture, is the host town of the Republic of Paraguay for the 2020 Olympics. On September 24, 2020, all 32 fourth-grade students in the Ichinohe Elementary School worked together to create a universal design map by checking the accessibility of various facilities around the town. They checked various areas such as the pools in their …


Host Town Project: An illumination motif of the Irish flag in Iwate Town

The town of Iwate in Iwate Prefecture, northern Tohoku, is the host town for the Irish national team during the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games. When the 25th National Sports Festival was held in Iwate in 1970, the town was in charge of hosting a game of ice hockey. Since then, it became the designated sport of the town. With Ireland being one of the top …

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