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International Exchange

To realize a society in which all people can support each other ~“Inclusive Society Forum in Tono” Event Report~

The “Inclusive Society Forum in Tono” was held on January 31st, 2021 (Sun), which included a stage event with an award ceremony and presentation of projects under the theme of promoting an inclusive society. Participants of all ages, gender, nationality, and disability were also welcome to enjoy the various booths with activities related to sports and multicultural understanding set up for the event. With Tono being …


Yahaba-Nagai-Nasushiobara’s Joint Food Fair offers “Austrian Omotenashi (Hospitality) Menu”!

In February 2020, through a mutual interest in music, the town of Yahaba in Iwate Prefecture became a host town for the Republic of Austria as part of the Thank You for the Reconstruction Host Town Project for the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games. The town aims to promote various host town activities with Austria by collaborating with other host towns of the country – Nagai …

International Exchange

Tono City and Juntendo University collaborate to create an inclusive community

            On September 23, 2020, the city of Tono held an online ceremony to commemorate a cooperation agreement with Juntendo University in Tokyo to promote an inclusive society through sports activities. The agreement will bring both parties to promote urban development and human resources development initiatives through parasport to create a harmonious, inclusive community.   The collaboration will be comprised of …


“KOALA CAMP” We deepened exchanges by connecting Australia-Tokyo-Kamaishi online!

On December 19, 2020, Kamaishi City participated in the “KOALA CAMP” sponsored by KOALA CAMP PROJECT. After the Great East Japan Earthquake, Australia has continued to provide support to Kamaishi City, and in November 2017, Kamaishi City was registered as an “Arigato” Host Town for supporting reconstruciton with Ausutraila as its partner country, and mainly engaged in youth exchange activities. The bond between the two has …


Hanamaki’s Strong in the Rain Initiatives

The city of Hanamaki, in Iwate, is currently registerd as a 2020 Olympic Arigato Host Town for visiting athletes and tourists from both the United States and Austria. However, with the spread of COVID-19 across the globe, and the postponement of the Olympics, Hanamaki has decided to theme its various host town initiatives around Ame ni mo Makezu (Strong in the Rain), a poem by the …


Students getting closer through the Australian Olympic Connect Tomodachi 2020 Pilot Program!

On September 3, 2020, eight middle school students from Kamaishi City participated in a workshop hosted by the Australian Olympic Committee for their Australian Olympic Connect Tomodachi 2020 Pilot Program. This program is conducted as a trial in anticipation of, although the event has been postponed to year 2021, the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games and aims to promote cultural and international exchanges between 20 …

International Exchange

Continuing host town relations through letters (Tono, Iwate)

As part of a project by Japan Post to send letters between host towns, all students at the Tono-kita Elementary School wrote letters expressing their wishes that the coronavirus pandemic will resolve as soon as possible and that in-person international exchange events and cultural interactions will resume. The letters depicted various messages of support, some proudly writing an introduction of their hometown, and also a few …

International Exchange

Messages of encouragement to Brazil from local students (Tono, Iwate)

Coach Fabio, who had visited the city in 2019 for a pre-game training camp for the Paralympic Football 5-a-side game, sent supportive messages to the local students after multiple sport competitions and events have been canceled due to the current impact of the novel coronavirus spreading across the country. In response, local students who have participated in the camp have created a video message to express …

International Exchange

A step towards an intercultural society through the game of boccia (Tono, Iwate)

In order to realize an intercultural society that will most likely be sparked with the commencement of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, and to also promote various Paralympic sports, the city of Tono hosted an event to play a game of boccia at Tono Jr. High School and the Tono Campus of the Hanamaki Seifuu Special Education School in late June. Boccia is a type of …

International Exchange

A collab project with Women’s Rugby Sevens Canada to promote disease preventive measures!

  With help from Women’s Rugby Sevens Canada team, the city of Morioka created a series of pop signs to encourage people to disinfect and wash their hands frequently. Each sign displays a picture of one of the three players from the Women’s Rugby Sevens in a pose. The created signs were then placed in various sections throughout the city hall and community centers to boost …

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