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Local Industry2020 Venue

Timber: The roots of Japanese construction is on the verge of “renaissance”

—– Continued from Part 1 “Hadano branches out to support athletes at 2020 Tokyo Olympics” Another objective of Kita Elementary’s activities is to give pupils an opportunity to meet those who protect and nurture Hadano’s forests and the work that entails. Among the officials assisting the children were members of the local forestry association.   “The tradition of managing the forest has been handed down over …

Local Industry2020 Venue

Hadano branches out to support athletes at 2020 Tokyo Olympics

“Timber!” comes a shout, followed by squeals of excitement as a tree creaks and cracks and finally falls to the ground with a thud.   Guided by teachers and forestry officials, half a dozen children unleash saws from their scabbards and eagerly set about slicing up the bark into discs, which they will take home to use as coasters.   “My arm aches,” says one of …

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