Please watch the Kagoshima PR video!

Kagoshima Prefecture

 We are releasing public relations videos of Kagoshima Prefecture on our website to advertise our various charms.

1 KAGOSHIMA Energetic Japan
(1) Overview of the videos
They are the realistic videos that were taken with a 4K camera in nature, hot springs, food and traditional crafts, and it could feel as if you were really traveling in Kagoshima
(2) Site features
  All videos are high quality (4K). 34 videos by theme.
(3) Website:

(1)Overview of the videos
They express the dynamic topography and water flow of the remote islands of Kagoshima from an unprecedented perspective by aerial shooting from drones.
(2) Site features
  All videos are high-quality (4K) images from drone aerial photography. Video posted every 6 remote islands
(3) Website:

3 Beauty of Life, Kagoshima
(1) Overview of the videos
They are the videos that you might feel like going to Kagoshima now, with stories and legends on the theme of “Sakurajima”, “food” and “traditional crafts.”
(2) Website:



Kagoshima Prefectural Government, PR and Tourism Bureau, Kagoshima PR Division
TEL:099-286-3045(Japanese Only)  FAX:099-286-5581


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