Austrian Harp Performance and US Athlete-Led Figure Skating Class Held in Hanamaki


Austrian Harp Performance and US Athlete-Led Figure Skating Class Held in Hanamaki

Hanamaki City

Hanamaki, a city in Iwate that has been registered as an Arigato Host Town for the upcoming Tokyo Olympics, is set to welcome athletes from both the United States and Austria as part of the host town initiative, a program that it applied for in part as a way to express appreciation for all of the messages of support, as well as monetary donations, that it received from its sister cities in both countries during the Great East Japan Earthquake.

This year, Hanamaki celebrates its 55th anniversary since becoming sister cities with Berndorf, Austria; as well as its 35th anniversary with one of its US sister cities, Rutland, in Vermont, next year. Hanamaki has also maintained U.S. sister city relations with Hot Springs in Arkansas for over 27 years, and Clinton, Wisconsin for over 32 years.

Performance by an Austrian Musician

Austrian musician Sophie Steiner, a Vienna native, gave a harp performance at the Ohasama Exchange Activity Center on December 16, 2019, in cooperation with the Austrian Embassy. Steiner has extensive orchestral experience, and is also noted for her success in competitions both domestic and international.

Over 200 people came to enjoy the beautiful performance, with most of the student bodies of Ohasama Junior High, and Ohasama High School in attendance, as well as members of the Ohasama Berndorf Friendship Association, among other groups.

US Figure Skating Gold Medalist Holds Skating Class

On February 17, 2020, an ice skating class was held at Ishidoriya Ice Arena in Hanamaki in cooperation with the US Consulate General Sapporo, and was led by 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics Men’s Figure Skating gold medalist and US native, Evan Lysacek.

Forty-five students from Ishidoriya Elementary attended the event, and were treated to on-ice lessons on skating in general, after which they enjoyed practicing via relay racing, as well as having some fun with a game of tag.


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