Promotional Video for Fujiyoshida, the City of “O-MO-TE-NA-SHI”


Promotional Video for Fujiyoshida, the City of “O-MO-TE-NA-SHI”

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Fujiyoshida City has long carried on a unique local history, tradition, and culture against a lush natural landscape with Mt. Fuji at its center. Since the Meiji Period, Fujiyoshida City has thrived as a center of textile production and has served as a political, economic and cultural leader in the northern base region.

The city stands 750 meters above sea level and is located in the southeastern region of Yamanashi Prefecture at the northern base of majestic Mt. Fuji which towers over the city at 3776 meters. A city long known as a center for the spiritual veneration of Mt. Fuji or “Fuji-shinko,” the legacy of Oshi, the spiritual guides who coordinated long pilgrimages to the region by spiritual followers from afar, still remains engrained in the local culture to this day.

【Fujiyoshida City from the Downtown Nishiura Neighborhood】

【Fuji Hokuroku Park Athletic Field】

The residents of the city and staff involved with the pre-training camp for the 2019 Rugby World Cup were incredibly proud to watch the French players during the tournament. We are looking forward to utilizing the lessons we’ve learned from such past experiences to come together as an entire region to welcome the team with “omotenashi” Japanese hospitality and make the Tokyo Olympic training a great success.

We have produced a film highlighting the unique charm of this city a the base of Mt. Fuji. Enjoy!

【Fujiyoshida City Promotional Video ~Mt. Fuji is Always Here~】

【A Drink Down Memory Lane: the Nishiura Area】

【For more information on Fujiyoshida Tourism】

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Fujiyoshida City Hall / City Planning Department
International Sports Competition Training Camp Invitation Promotion Office
TEL: 0555-22-1353
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