“Ichiban Japan” 12 hour Twitch Livestream from Fujiyoshida


“Ichiban Japan” 12 hour Twitch Livestream from Fujiyoshida


Fujiyoshida City has partnered with French YouTuber Guillaume Jamar of popular Japan content channel “Ichiban Japan” to promote the city’s culture, tourism and trade with French audiences since the city was designated as the Olympic Host Town to France during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. His video introducing Fujiyoshida has been viewed 369,000 times as of March 2023 and he continues to promote Fujiyoshida on social media.

His most recent promotion of Fujiyoshida was in the form of a 12 hour livestream on streaming platform Twitch in celebration of the lift of the travel ban. It was a valuable opportunity to promote the city’s tourism as an increase in the number of travelers from abroad is expected to increase in the coming months.



Twitch is a platform for live video streaming operated by Amazon

■Date: December 19, 2022 (Monday)

・Observation Deck @ Arakurayama Sengen Park
・Shimoyoshida Station・Omuro Sengen Jinja Shrine
・Hibarigaoka High School Udon Club
・Oganmaru ・Fugaku wood workshop X hitsuki guesthouse & cafe
・Yamanashi Hataori Travel MILLSHOP(Q-STA1F)
・Nishiura Area


【Guillaume Jamar】
・Beautifully captures Japanese culture and his various encounters in Japan
・The most popular creator of Japanese content in France
・Has experience managing the France Tourism Bureau’s Facebook

●YouTube(337,000 subscribers)
●Twitch(41,000 followers)
●Instagtam(121,000 followers)
●Twitter(93,000 followers)
●Facebook(38,000 followers) 【as of March 2023】

Ichiban Japan -> https://ichiban-japan.com/
(translations are auto-generated)


Fujiyoshida City Hall / City Planning Department / City Planning Division / Host Town Office
TEL: 0555-22-1353
Email: kikaku@city.fujiyoshida.lg.jp
(Japanese Inquiries only)

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