[Notice] Cyber3 Conference and OIST Press Tour (Nov. 2015)

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[Notice] Cyber3 Conference and OIST Press Tour (Nov. 2015)

Press Tour Planned and Operated by Foreign Press Center Japan

Cyber3 Conference and OIST Press Tour

November 6-8, 2015

 The “Cyber3 Conference Okinawa 2015-Crafting Security in a Less Secure World.” will be held over two days: November 7 and 8 (Sat.-Sun.). During this time, various stakeholders from around the world, including policymakers, business leaders, and security researchers will examine the new reality of our hyper-connected cyber world and its implications for the future of the global economy. Foreign Press Center Japan will conduct a three-day press tour to Okinawa to cover this conference.

Before the conference, the press tour will visit the Okinawa Institute of Science Technology Graduate University (OIST), to cover research in the natural sciences being carried out at a world-class level and efforts for academia-industry collaboration. With advanced facilities and a flexible education and research system that does away with preexisting concepts of academic faculties, OIST follows the central concepts of “Best in the World,” “Flexible,” “International,” “Global Networking,” and “Collaboration with Industry.”

The tour will visit three units at OIST: the Structural Cellular Biology Unit, the Micro/Bio/Nanofluidics Unit, and the Energy Materials and Surface Sciences Unit. At these laboratories equipped with advanced devices, participants will have the opportunity to cover research that is the best in the world.

 ※The FPCJ will handle the registration for the conference. 


<Outline of OIST>

oistThe Okinawa Institute of Science Technology Graduate University (OIST) is a new graduate university established in November 2011, which conducts internationally outstanding education and research in science and technology. It contributes to the self-sustaining development of Okinawa and promotion of the advancement of science and technology in Japan and throughout the world. The OIST graduate education and research program is cross-disciplinary and is at the leading edge of research in natural sciences. So far, 50 research units have been launched, with over 400 researchers, of whom approximately 200 come from outside of Japan, representing approximately 40 countries. The graduate school’s five-year Ph.D. program commenced its fourth year in September 2015, bringing the total of OIST doctoral students to about 100. OIST aims to leverage its researchers, world-class infrastructure, interdisciplinary environment, and culture of risk-taking to transform technologies from the laboratory into innovations that have social and economic benefit.


15:10-15:30        Welcome Speech and OIST Outline                   

            By Acting President Albrecht Wagner

15:30-16:00      OIST Efforts for Academia-Industry Collaboration 

            By Executive Vice President Robert Baughman

16:00-16:10        Business Promotion of IT Industry in Okinawa 

                 By Information Industry Promotion Division, Department of Commerce,

                 Industry & Labor, Okinawa Government

16:10-16: 45       Structural Cellular Biology Unit 

                 By Professor Ulf Skoglund

Prof. Skoglund combines microscopy and computation to visualize molecules and cellular structures in 3D. This work has potential for drug delivery, as it offers molecular details of protein binding, virus structures, and receptor interactions in cell membranes. He has created a spin off company in Okinawa under a grant from the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) based on these protein-viewing techniques.

16:45-17:20        Micro/Bio/Nanofluidics Unit 

                  By Professor Amy Shen

Prof. Shen uses complex fluids and complex flows to create objects with morphology and structure tailored precisely for applications in biotechnology, nanotechnology, and energy. The unit employs lab-on-a-chip platforms with analytical capacity to study the physics of flow, the transport of mass, momentum, and energy, and reactive processes at nano- and micron-length scales. Novel device designs have the potential to significantly enhance understanding of single-cell behavior, developmental biology, and neuroscience.

17:20-17:55        Energy Materials and Surface Sciences Unit     

                 By Assistant Professor Yabing Qi

Prof. Qi is developing cost-efficient, large-area solar technology out of organic materials. These organic solar cells are lightweight, flexible, and can be printed roll-to-roll like newsprint to cover windows, walls, and many other surfaces. His unit uses state-of-the-art ultrahigh vacuum instruments and a clean-room device fabrication facility to investigate properties of individual materials and their interfaces to optimize the solar cell’s structure for better performance.

 [Tour Itinerary and Application Details]

1. Tentative Itinerary:

Friday, November 6 to Sunday, November 8 (Two nights and three days)

【Day 1:Friday, November 6】

07:50-10:35        Haneda Airport to Naha Airport (ANA 463)


15:00               Arrive at OIST                              

18:30               Arrive at hotel

【Day 2 and 3: Saturday, November 7 and Sunday, November 8】

Please check here for the conference results:


【Day 3: Sunday, November 8】

17:10-19:25  Naha Airport to Haneda Airport (SKY 518)

2. Qualification: Bearer of Gaimusho Press Registration Card 

3. Cost: 40,000 yen per person including transportation, meals and accommodation

* FPCJ will later inform the participants of methods for payment, cancellation fee, etc.

4.  Participants: Limited to 10 applicants. 

(Only one reporter and one photographer from each company, but two participants from each TV team will be acceptable.) 

5.  Application Procedure
Please send an email including your name, affiliated media organization,
foreign press registration card number and expiration date, mobile phone
number, FAX number, email address and number of cameras
(still camera and or ENG) .
*Send to: sc@fpcjpn.or.jp
*Please use [Okinawa Tour (November 6-8)] as the subject of the email. 

6.  FPCJ Contact: Ms. Fukasawa or Mr. Yamaguchi (Tel: 03-3501-5251) 

7. Remarks:

(1) There may be some restrictions on photographing and filming at the tour sites. Please follow the instructions of the officials on duty.
(2) FPCJ will not be liable for any inconvenience, trouble or accident that might occur in the course of the tour.

(3) Participants will have to cover a portion of the cost for this press tour, but it is not a profit-making enterprise.

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