KAGAWA Prefecture -The Best Place For Your Training Camp-

International Exchange

KAGAWA Prefecture -The Best Place For Your Training Camp-

Kagawa Prefecture

 Kagawa is situated on the northeast side of Shikoku in the Setonaikai National Park, the first national park established in Japan.

 Kagawa Prefecture is blessed with the gentle climate of the Seto Inland Sea area which boasts little precipitation and warm weather all year-round. Kagawa has held many training camps for international tournaments and we have received overwhelming praise from the members of various participating athletics teams.

 Athletes have stated that the training camp in Kagawa put them in a positive physical and mental state for their forthcoming events.


Kagawa Prefecture Government, Exchange Promotion Division
TEL:+81(0)87-832-3055    E-mail:kouryu@pref.kagawa.lg.jp


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