Making Fujiyoshida the “Sacred Land of Rugby” ~How to make the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Pre-Tournament Training a Success~ (Part ②)

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Making Fujiyoshida the “Sacred Land of Rugby” ~How to make the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Pre-Tournament Training a Success~ (Part ②)

Yamanashi Prefecture

Following August 2016 when the application process to become an Official Team Camp for the Rugby World Cup 2019™ began, Fujiyoshida City (in partnership with Fujikawaguchiko Town) has worked tirelessly to secure a bid.

・What is an “Official Team Camp”?
This term refers to the region officially designated by the Rugby World Cup organization as the site where a team stays and trains during the tournament. An “Official Team Camp” is designated through a selection process conducted by the Organizing Committee and is strictly regulated. For instance, it is prohibited for the local government applying for a bid to communicate directly with the team and vice versa. It is also prohibited for a team to stay and train in a region not specifically designated as their Official Team Camp. Each team’s contract differs however and it is possible that one team would have multiple Official Team Camps or that multiple teams stagger their stay at one Official Team Camp. All costs associated with accommodations, transportation and meals for the team are covered by the Organizing Committee.

To learn about how the “Official Team Camp” differs from a “Preliminary Team Camp” please see here .

The city submitted its application in October 2016 and after being subjected to numerous assessments conducted by the Organizing Committee, received a tentative bid as the Official Team Camp to the French National Team in April 2018.

【April 20, 2018: Fujiyoshida City publicly announces its tentative bid at a press conference following a press release by the Organizing Committee】

The Mayor of Fujiyoshida City announces tentative bid as the Rugby World Cup 2019™ Official Team Camp of the French National Team and the city’s plans for public engagement opportunities during their stay.

Center Left: Fujiyoshida City Mayor Shigeru Horiuchi
Center Right: Kawaguchiko Town Mayor Kikuo Watanabe

As the city moved forward with preparations for the tournament following the tentative bid, great focus was placed on the advancement of rugby in the region as well as sports tourism as a means of both promoting sports and empowering the community at the base of Mt. Fuji. Moreover, the city worked to ensure that its role in international sports tournaments like this and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics provided an opportunity for the city’s residents to reach across national and cultural borders to connect with their French counterparts through a diverse array of exchange programs.

Finally, in March 2019, The Organizing Committee officially announced Fujiyoshida City’s designation as the Official Team Camp for the French National Team.

■ Official Team Camp (Outline)
・Duration: September 13th 2019 (F) ~ September 18th 2019 (W)
・Training Facilities: Fuji Hokuroku Park Athletic Field and weight training gym
Accommodations: Highland Resort and Spa

【Practice Facilities for the French National Team: Fuji Hokuroku Park Athletic Field (5000 Kamiyoshida, Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi)】

Here in Fujiyoshida City we are looking forward to welcoming the French Men’s and Women’s Sevens with Japanese hospitality as they prepare for the Games at the same aforementioned facilities at the base of Mt. Fuji during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. We have signed our agreement with the French National Team and are excited to continue planning projects to promote exchanges between our two countries as part of the Host Town Exchange program.See here for more .

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Fujiyoshida City Hall / City Planning Department
International Sports Competition Training Camp Invitation Promotion Office
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