Cultural exchange through video letters between Morioka and the Canadian Olympic team

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Cultural exchange through video letters between Morioka and the Canadian Olympic team

Iwate Prefecture

With the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic games postponed and in-person events with the Canadian Olympic national team (Rugby Sevens & Water Polo) unable to be held due to the novel coronavirus situation, the city of Morioka has launched a new type of exchange, as a method to continue host town relations, by sending each other video letters via social media.

In April, the city created a video letter featuring places in Morioka, such as the totem pole at the Castle Site Park, as well as places related to Nitobe Inazo where Canadian ties can be found, a fully-blossomed Ishiwarizakura (Rock-Splitting Cherry Blossom Tree), and other various sides of spring in Morioka.

Video link:  “Spring ~The sakura has bloomed in Morioka~”

The Canadian Water Polo team, having held a training camp in Morioka in 2018, responded by expressing their appreciation for the video letter and sending words of encouragement from each player.

Video link:  “Thank you Morioka [Message from Water Polo Canada]”

As a response, in the city’s second video letter, staff from the pre-game training camp facilities shared their excitement to meet the Canadian national team, with a montage of sakura trees at the Morioka Castle Site Park and the Takamatsu Pond Park, koinobori at a local shrine, and more.

Video link:  “Goal! ~ Our stadium and pool are waiting for you too!~”

The city plans to continue with this face-to-face relationship by creating a new video letter each month.


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