Friendship of Young Athletes between Singapore and Kochi

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Friendship of Young Athletes between Singapore and Kochi


The Singapore Sports School (national school in Singapore) and the Kochi Prefectural Board of Education have concluded the Sports Exchange Agreement in October 2016. Accordingly, two organisations have been visiting each other alternately for training camps and cultural activities since then.

In the summer of 2017, 20 student-athletes and 6 coaches who play table tennis or badminton from the Singapore Sports School had come to Kochi prefecture for the first sports exchange with high school students in Kochi.

The background and the purpose of this action are to lead to healthy development and character building of youths by exposure to cultures of Singapore and Japan, as well as to improve the student-athletes’ competitive mindset and sporting performance.

Experiences of homestay and different cultures during activities have become precious memories for athletes of both countries. As the grassroots exchange, some Japanese host families had traveled to Singapore to meet student-athletes who stayed at their home.

Annual sports exchanges have been accomplished three times so far. Now, it is our turn to visit Singapore. We would like to continue a good relationship with this effort with the Singapore Sports School.

【Our Progress of Sports Exchange with Singapore】

Please refer to the following page for further information.

Sports Division, Department of Culture, Community and Sports, Kochi Prefectural Government
TEL: 088-821-4929


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