Athletes from the Japanese national canoe slalom team train in Oshu City

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Athletes from the Japanese national canoe slalom team train in Oshu City

Iwate Prefecture

From July 13-22, 2020, while availabilities of training venues have become limited due to the impact of the novel coronavirus, three prominent athletes from the Japanese national canoe slalom team, Haneda Takuya, lead C1 and bronze medalist at the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games; Adachi Kazuya, Kayak Single paddler; and Yazawa Aki gathered to conduct training at the Isawa River Canoe Competition Venue in Oshu City.
The river is known for its harsh white-water streams, in which a member of the Canoe Slolam Committee, with the Japan Canoe Federation, commented how “it is a great venue for training since the river has similar harsh conditions (compared with Tokyo) due to the rapid streams produced from the nearby dam.”

While it is his first time to train at the venue, Haneda praised that the course has enough challenges to be a “great fit for an international level competition.”

For Adachi, it was his second visit to the venue since the 2016 National Sports Festival of Japan held in Iwate.

Yazawa mentioned “the sunnier and hotter the day, the more refreshing it feels to compete at the course.”

The athletes paid a courtesy visit to Oshu City Mayor Ozawa Masaki at the city hall on the 21st.

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