Making Fujiyoshida the “Sacred Land of Rugby” ~How to make the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Pre-Tournament Training a Success~ 【RWC2019 Overview】(Final Part)

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Making Fujiyoshida the “Sacred Land of Rugby” ~How to make the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Pre-Tournament Training a Success~ 【RWC2019 Overview】(Final Part)

Yamanashi Prefecture

The Rugby World Cup 2019 lasted a month and half across twelve different venues across Japan, and on November 2, the games would come to an end as South Africa claimed their first victory in three years.

The first Rugby World Cup to be held in Asia gained attention for reasons other than the actual games. From the Canadian and Namibian teams volunteering in relief efforts following Typhoon 19, to the French team’s heartwarming message of support, the various teams drew the attention and hearts of the Japanese public. The tournament provided an invaluable opportunity for social and economic exchange between Japan and all participating nations, leaving behind a lasting legacy for future generations.

Here in Fujiyoshida City as well, the French national team participated in many exchanges with the local public. Despite their busy training schedule during their Team Camp, the team graciously shared their valuable time and for this we are immensely grateful.

Our city will now also host the men’s and women’s French national rugby team for the Tokyo Olympic Games. We are busy preparing in order to provide them with a fulfilling training experience. For details click here.

In addition to providing an optimal environment for the teams to train leading up to the games, we are also looking forward to more opportunities for the team to engage with the local community. Though we anticipate July 2021 to be characteristically hot, we look forward to extending an even warmer welcome to the French national team with Japanese “omotenashi” hospitality.

【Transporting luggage to their next training camp】

【The French National Team with Local Staff】

The French Team Camp would not have been possible without the united support of the local community. On their final day of practice, the team agreed to take a group photo with all of the staff who were involved in making their training a success.

We will similarly come together to host the French national team during the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games and will cherish it as a rare, once in a lifetime opportunity.

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