Former rugby players return to Fujiyoshida [Part 2]

International Exchange

Former rugby players return to Fujiyoshida [Part 2]


【★See Part 1 here

【Firing the starting pistol at the Fuji Mountain Race 5th Station course start line】

Greeting the runners ahead of the start

Maxime in charge of the starting pistol

Posing on the crane

【Observing the local taiko group in practice】

At the Fujisan Hall

Invited by members to participate

A group photo

【Yoshida Junior High School Rugby Club practice】

Getting tackled over and over by junior high schoolers

“the grass feels nice so lets practice barefoot” – a suggestion by Maxime

The athletes participated in many exchanges with the local residents over their three day stay. As the 2023 Rugby World Cup in France and 2024 Paris Olympics draw near, we hope to continue building upon our friendship with France and to continue exchanges not only with sports but with culture as well.



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