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 Some high school students are aiming for JGAP at Tokyo 2020, to provide ingredients that athletes will rave about at the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics in two years.
 JGAP certification is necessary in order to provide ingredients for Tokyo 2020. Therefore, in the fiscal year of 2018, Fukushima Prefectural Fukushima Meisei High School acquired JGAP, which is a Japanese certification, for a variety of items, including tomatoes, Japanese mustard spinach, and rice.
 In order to acquire JGAP certification, over 120 examination points must be cleared, such as hygiene management and keeping things in order. Fukushima Meisei High School has cleared this rigorous examination and raises crops while maintaining those standards.
 Fukushima Meisei High School aims to acquire certification for even more agricultural products for Tokyo 2020. Let’s have a look at the high school students who are continuing with this challenge.

Fukushima Prefectural Fukushima Meisei High School students
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