A forum held to bring about a more inclusive society in Tono, northern Japan

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A forum held to bring about a more inclusive society in Tono, northern Japan

Iwate Prefecture

Tono has been designated a Inclusive Society Host Town for the 2020 Olympic games.
They’re aiming to drum up enthusiasm the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic games, as well as create a harmonious society that breaks down barriers both physically and mentally – where anyone can live comfortably, regardless of disabilities. In order to bring this about, a “Inclusive Society Forum in Tono” was held in February.

Date: February 16, 2020 (Sun)
Venue: Tono City Hall, Multipurpose hall Topia 1F (Tono City, Chuodori 9-1)
Admission: Free

The theme for the day was “Learning and respecting our differences, and bonding together.”

Activities for the day included presentations by elementary schoolers on their projects to bring about a  more inclusive society. Middle school and high school students also gave presentations using posters, video, and radio programs. Thanks to the cooperation from various related organizations, attendees were also able to try various Parasports, as well as using wheelchairs and white canes to get around.

Signs were made by students at local special support schools (for children with disabilities). In this way, preparations for the forum were made by acknowledging each others skills and working together. It was a great opportunity for the citizens of Tono to have fun in thinking about how to create a more inclusive society.

More info about Inclusive Society Host Towns
Tono City has been designated as an Inclusive Society Host Town, a program brought about using the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic games as a trigger to bring about a more inclusive society through universal design in communities and barrier-free initiatives. Tono is also a Host Town to Brazil. They will be hosting a training camp for the Brazilian Blind Soccer Team. Through this and other measures to increase understanding of people with disabilities, they are aiming to become a more inclusive society where anyone can live comfortably.


Tono Citizen’s Center, Paralympic Games Promotion Office 
Tono City
TEL: 0198-62-4413
Email: toshikik@city.tono.iwate.jp
(Japanese language inquiries only)


Office of International Affairs
Iwate Prefectural Government
TEL: 019-629-5764
Email: AB0011@pref.iwate.jp
(English or Japanese language inquiries)


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