Local students interacted with the Rwandan Olympic Team online!


Local students interacted with the Rwandan Olympic Team online!

Iwate Prefecture

 A cooking project was conducted at the Tairadate High School in Hachimantai City, northern Iwate, in collaboration with African countries organized by the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Committee. The project aims to give athletes from various countries an opportunity to experience Japanese hospitality, or omotenashi, through food at their host towns and also create a legacy between the host town and their partner country. Students from the Home Economics class at the high school created new recipes for the Rwandan team.
The type of dishes created by the students were desserts that will be a perfect fit with Rwandan coffee. It included banana, a fruit often consumed in Rwanda, and locally grown spinach and okara, tofu dregs, in Hachimantai. The result was a delicious-looking chiffon cake and pound cake.

The dishes were then reproduced by a professional chef and served to the Rwandan athletes. They enjoyed the desserts while complimenting that “it was delicious without it being too sweet.” After the meal, the athletes were able to interact and answer questions about their training from students online.


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