Cultural Exchange at Pre-Games Camp in Hachimantai City (Rwanda)


Cultural Exchange at Pre-Games Camp in Hachimantai City (Rwanda)

Iwate Prefecture

Rwandan athletes enjoy traditional Japanese culture.

On July 14, on their way back to the hotel, the Rwandan team was able to witness a dashi, festival float, used in several festivals in Hachimantai. While they were only able to see from their windows, they enjoyed the sight of the large dashi being pulled by many people and was able to briefly experience traditional Japanese culture.

A decoration gift made with washi was presented to the athletes.

To provide as much experience of the Japanese culture, the female staff members made various decorations with washi, a traditional Japanese paper, and gifted them to the Rwandan team. The team were happy with the gifts, with one saying that “it is cute. I can’t wait to decorate their room with it.”

First ramen experience.

Per request from the athletes, the hotel chef specially made ramen with chicken bone broth. Since ramen is not a common dish back in Rwanda, the athletes were very curious in their bowl of ramen. They savored the delicious bowl and were satisfied with their first ramen experience.


Community Building Promotion Division
Hachimantai City Hall
TEL: 0195-74-2111
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Office of Promotion for the Olympic and
Paralympic Games
Iwate Prefectural Government
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