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International Exchange

Former rugby players return to Fujiyoshida [Part 1]

As an Olympic Host Town to France, Fujiyoshida City hosted the pre-tournament training camp for the France national female rugby sevens during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, and the France national team’s official training camp ahead of the 2019 Rugby World Cup. In an effort to continue the legacy and friendship from both of these events, and to strengthen our ties ahead of the 2023 Rugby World …

International Exchange

Former rugby players return to Fujiyoshida [Part 2]

【★See Part 1 here】 【Firing the starting pistol at the Fuji Mountain Race 5th Station course start line】 【Observing the local taiko group in practice】 【Yoshida Junior High School Rugby Club practice】 The athletes participated in many exchanges with the local residents over their three day stay. As the 2023 Rugby World Cup in France and 2024 Paris Olympics draw near, we hope to continue building …


“Mt. Fuji as Told by Five Japanese” on Ichiban Japan

In its capacity has Host Town for France and the United States during the Tokyo Olympics held in 2021, Fujiyoshida City has continued to implement a wide range of exchanges with both countries. 【Mt. Fuji from the city】 Guillaume Jamar is a French influencer and the creator behind the “Ichiban Japan” YouTube channel with whom Fujiyoshida City previously partnered to create promotional content for his French …


American Youtuber Promotes Fujiyoshida to the World

Fujiyoshida City became sister cities with Colorado Springs, CO in 1962 and has since shared countless exchanges with its American Sister City. It was thanks to this strong existing relationship that Fujiyoshida also became an Olympic Host Town to the United States dedicated to implementing social, economic and cultural exchange programs between the two countries during the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Paralympic Games. [A torii gate in …

Local Initiatives2020 Venue

[Part 2] Izu City’s diversity, inclusion efforts given boost by Tokyo Games

――――Click here for [Part 1] In 2019 Izu City introduced ordinance designating signing as an official language, which followed on from similar regulations passed by the Shizuoka prefectural government a year earlier—one of the first municipalities in Japan to do so.  And while this reflects a growing recognition of those with disabilities in general, the picture is not all sunshine and roses, says Morishima. For example, …

Local Initiatives2020 Venue

Newcomers show the way for Ichinomiya employment conundrum

It’s an early winter weekday, but staff at Third Place guest house in Ichinomiya, Chiba Prefecture, are far from winding down for the off-season.   After checking in two guests, owner Toshimune Hashimoto and his deputy, Keita Irie, wave off a few local surfers who have been using the showers, changing facilities and surfboard lockers that are a feature of Third Place, a Western style accommodation …

Local Initiatives2020 Venue

City surfers look to Ichinomiya for lifestyle sea change

Naminori Real Estate located in Ichinomiya Town, Chiba, has barely opened its doors for business when the phone rings and an inquiry about a seafront property comes in from out of town. “At times the phone hasn’t stopped ringing,” comments staffer Romy Iwashita as she jots down the Tokyo-based caller’s details and preferred date to view the property.  The caller on this mid-November morning has an …

Culture/Tourism/Food2020 Venue

Surf’s up for Chiba town looking to ride 2020 Olympic wave

At Tsurigasaki beach, Ichinomiya Town, a stone torii gate rises solemnly from the silken black sand, marking the place where according to Japanese folklore, Tamayori-hime, a mythological deity and putative mother of Japan’s earliest emperor, Jimmu, first stepped foot on mortal land.   The gate, which is part of the town’s revered Tamasaki Shrine, will serve a more contemporary function when the gods of the surfing …

Local Industry2020 Venue

Made in Hokkaido technology adds color and cool to Olympics

Throughout the summer, residents and visitors to Japan’s northernmost island of Hokkaido were treated to some unseasonal sights. As August temperatures soared past 34 C in Hokkaido’s capital city Sapporo, exquisite cherry blossoms, Japan’s veritable symbol of spring, decorated a shopping arcade and other parts of the city as well as nearby New Chitose Airport. A few days later, children at schools and nurseries in Bibai …

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