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Japanese Technology Feature

Ebina security company Yusei Service, hoping for Olympics and Paralympics contract with development of an accessible toilet car

■Easy for seniors and people with disabilities to use, the government has shown interest as well   From the desire to make an easily accessible bathroom that could be used anywhere for seniors and people with disabilities, Ebina security company Yusei Service developed the Accessible Bio Toilet Car. In addition to sports competitions and other events in which people with disabilities participate, this toilet car could …

Japanese Technology Feature

Tohoku supporters: 2020 Olympics and Paralympics Martial arts equipment manufacturer in Daisen, Akita making comfortable judogi

Toshiya Nakamura, The Mainichi Newspapers Staff Writer   ◇The only certified product that is 100% cotton   The sound of single-needle sewing machines creates a pleasant rhythm. The sewers sew together two pieces of thick, pure white cloth, creating the kneepad for the front of one leg of the pants. After making another and sewing them together with the cloth making the rear and crotch of …

Japanese Technology Feature

Tohoku supporters: 2020 Olympics and Paralympics Local workshop and professor team up in Yamagata to apply their wisdom to creating discuses

Nanami Hidaka, The Mainichi Newspapers Staff Writer ◇Continuing efforts without compromise There is a formidable tag team in Yamagata working on developing equipment for the Olympics and Paralympics using the skills of a local factory and theories of a researcher. That pair is President Hideo Saito (63) of Saito Craft, a sheet metal painting company in Nagasaki, Nakayama-machi, Yamagata Prefecture, and Yamagata University mechanical engineering professor …

Japanese Technology Feature

Tohoku supporters: 2020 Olympics and Paralympics Green Yamagata company using temperature difference to grow moss for cooling Tokyo

Akane Matono, The Mainichi Newspapers Staff Writer ◇Heat countermeasure, with an effect of more than 10 degrees Measures to deal with heat are an important issue for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, with the marathon and race walking venues having been moved to Sapporo, and moss from Yamagata could be another way to cool down. Specially made light boards with moss growing on them are attached …

Japanese Technology Feature

Hokkaido and the Olympics and Paralympics Part 1: Supporting

4. Artisan’s skills behind fairness and safety Yuri Noro, The Hokkaido Shimbun Press Staff Writer  Three kilometers to the east of central Ashoro in Tokachi Subprefecture. Table tennis table manufacturer San-Ei’s Hokkaido factory is filled with the scent of trees and rows of boards. In a deep blue with a hint of green, these are the tabletops for the Motif table, which will be used at …


Hokkaido and the Olympics and Paralympics Part 1: Supporting

3. Breathing life into the cultural programme Sohei Sakai, The Hokkaido Shimbun Press Staff Writer    At a workshop in Takamori, Nagano with a view of the Southern Japanese Alps, Mokko was being brought to life. Local residents from towns such as Iida, known for its puppet theatre, make the framework for the chest, arms and more using one-centimeter-thick steel wire and bamboo, before covering it …

Japanese Technology Feature

Precise fitting for wheelchairs: Racing analysis + F1 technology

Mr. Tomoya Ito (right)      (Photo: THE YOMIURI SHIMBUN)   ◇ Tokyo 2020     A veteran wheelchair  who came out of retirement in 2017, Mr. Tomoya Ito (56) (sponsored by Bayer Yakuhin) has created a new weapon for the Tokyo Paralympics himself. Acting as the test driver himself, he worked together with industrial design company RDS (based in Saitama) to develop a new racing …

Japanese Technology Feature

Otaru company guiding runners with clear lines in well-received test

Hoping for Olympic marathon contract in Sapporo with first implementation in Japan   Kazunori Nishiyori, The Hokkaido Shimbun Press Staff Writer  The Tokyo Olympics marathon to be held in Sapporo in August will use a dashed line to guide runners along the entire course, for the first time in a marathon held in Japan. Hokkaido Giken (based in Otaru) carried out a test of these guidelines …

Local Initiatives

Inclusive society evolving with the Paralympics: Accelerating improvements to trains and hotels

Half a year until the Tokyo Paralympics as of February 25     A society where everyone respects and supports each other, regardless of whether or not they have disabilities. The Paralympics are a major opportunity to create such an inclusive society. Railroad companies and hotels are racing to finish the final touches on their barrier-free improvements, both tangible and intangible. Host towns are also speeding …

Local Industry

Paper bags shaped as dress shirts: A Fujinomiya business aiming for foreign tourist demand

  Tomoko Maeda, Tokyo Shimbun Staff Writer    Fuji Pack, a paper bag manufacturer based in Fujinomiya, Shizuoka, has developed bags in the shape of sleeved shirts. Depending on the pattern, they can replicate the uniforms of professional teams for sports such as baseball or soccer. The company is targeting demand as replacements for plastic bags when fans buy goods from sports teams, or as bags …

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