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International Exchange

Akita Prefecture’s Noshiro City× Embassy of Jordan Held a joint event

①Akita Prefecture’s Noshiro City and the Embassy of Jordan signed to their partnership. Noshiro City and the Embassy of Jordan committed themselves to the host town partnership and agreed to engage in exchange activities related to sports, culture, economy, and education in the future. Jordanian Ambassador, Lina Annab, and Noshiro City Mayor Saito signed and exchanged a certificate of partnership during the event.②Jordan Fair held in Akita …

International Exchange

Sharing Paraguay with the people of Ichinohe in northern Japan

Ichinohe, a small town in northern Iwate Prefecture, is delighted to be the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Host Town to Paraguay. Ichinohe has been linked to Paraguay ever since immigrants from Ichinohe had gone to the South American country for agricultural work in the Showa period (1938-1989). Even today, exchange continues between their descendents and the people of Ichinohe, which led to the town pledging to become …


Dishes of the Netherlands – served in Yamada Town, northern Japan!

  Yamada, a town on the coast of Iwate Prefecture in northern Japan, is the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Arigato Host Town to the Netherlands. Yamada and the Netherlands have had a bond of a long time – in the Edo period, there is evidence that there was a boat from the Netherlands that had an exchange with Yamada. That spot, an uninhabited island in the middle …


Morioka City in northern Japan signs agreement with Republic of Mali to hold a training camp for Mali’s judo team for the 2020 Olympics

Morioka City, the capital of Iwate Prefecture in northern Japan, is the host town of Mali. On January 21st, 2020, the city signed an agreement with the Judo Federation of Mali to hold a training camp for the team before the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. At a signing ceremony, Ms. Murakami Kazue, a representative of CARA (West Africa Rural Self-Support Cooperation Association) stood in for the Director …


A day of German cooking and learning in Shizukuishi, northern Japan

Shizukuishi Town, a small town in Iwate, northern Japan, held a German Cooking Class and Culture Seminar in order for residents to learn more about Germany, its host town partner for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games.     German chef Markus Bos taught residents how to make Japanese food for German tastes, with dishes like fried pork rolls with green shiso leaves and miso, …

Culture/Tourism/Food2020 Venue

Sapporo’s Exciting 2020: 71st Sapporo Snow Festival and Olympic Marathon!

Sapporo in 2020 is bustling with one exciting event after another!   The 71st Sapporo Snow Festival, running from January 31 to February 11, is currently in full swing at three sites across Sapporo.What started in 1950 as six snow sculptures built in centrally located Odori Park by high school students has evolved into the city’s representative and largest annual event, drawing in over 2.5 million …

International Exchange

The ambassador of Japan to Namibia visits its Olympic host town Miyako City

On December 12th, H.E. Hideaki Harada, the Ambassador of Japan to Namibia, visited the country’s Olympic Host Town, Miyako City of Iwate Prefecture, to give a talk on Namibia. In all, 180 local middle school students and teachers gathered to learn about the country’s culture and people, as well as the work of Japan’s diplomats.   “We hope to expand relations between Japan and Namibia in …


The northern coastal town of Noda welcomes a track & field star, an actress, and other influencers from Taiwan

Noda, a small coastal town in Iwate Prefecture, invited Taiwanese actress Mia, as well as track & field star Chen Ping Feng and other athletes on November 29 and 30, 2019. These influencers toured the town and took part in fun activities, in hopes of improving Noda’s profile as a tourist spot. Iwate Hanamaki Airport, with service to Taipei, is only about 2 and a half …


Ninohe middle school students in northern Japan learn how to make food from Gabon, their host town partner

Ninohe, a city in Iwate, northern Japan, is the Host Town to the Gabonese Republic. A great dish can serve as a great form of culture-crossing communication, so the city held a Gabonese cuisine-themed cooking class aimed at local middle school students. A registered dietician working for the city taught the students how to make various Gabonese dishes, including a tomato and chicken stew, okra stir-fry …

International Exchange

Hanamaki in northern Japan cheers on the United States, its “Arigato” Host Town Partner, with an exchange event

On November 3rd, 2019 (Sun), Hanamaki City in Iwate, northern Japan, held a special exchange event for elementary students and English teachers from the United States. Participants learned about the Tokyo 2020 Host Town Initiative as well as American sports culture, and then worked together to create banners to cheer on American athletes.     Hanamaki is the “Arigato” Host Town to the United States for …

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