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KAGAWA Prefecture -The Best Place For Your Training Camp-

 Kagawa is situated on the northeast side of Shikoku in the Setonaikai National Park, the first national park established in Japan.  Kagawa Prefecture is blessed with the gentle climate of the Seto Inland Sea area which boasts little precipitation and warm weather all year-round. Kagawa has held many training camps for international tournaments and we have received overwhelming praise from the members of various participating athletics …


Kagoshima Sports Camp

Kagoshima Prefecture is located in the southwest of mainland Japan. Spanning 600km from north to south and surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and East China Sea, Kagoshima ranks as the 10th largest prefecture with an area of 9,188k㎡ and coastline of 2,643km. In addition to being one of the nation’s leading areas in tourism, Kagoshima is an ideal environment for arranging sports camp with “authentic resources” …


Japan Athlete Training Center Osumi

Kagoshima Prefecture’s sports facility “Japan Athlete Training Center Osumi (JATCO)” is opened in April 2019. JATCO is a world-class facility specific to track and field befitting its lofty name. It boasts an all-weather outdoor track and field stadium, an air-conditioned indoor stadium with Japan’s longest 150m straight track, gently sloped courses, throwing practice areas in which several athletes can train at the same time, and so …


Please watch the Kagoshima PR video!

 We are releasing public relations videos of Kagoshima Prefecture on our website to advertise our various charms. 1 KAGOSHIMA Energetic Japan(1) Overview of the videosThey are the realistic videos that were taken with a 4K camera in nature, hot springs, food and traditional crafts, and it could feel as if you were really traveling in Kagoshima(2) Site features  All videos are high quality (4K). 34 videos …


Kusatsu is a historical city with beautiful Lake Biwa and rich nature

Kusatsu is a city located at the southeast of Shiga, and the core city of the Konan area and it will host Tokyo 2020 Olympic Torch Relay. Since past, Kusatsu has been a post town where Tokai -do Road and Nakayama-do Road crossed and has great history and post-town culture. Nowadays, it is developing as a resemblance of Shiga with great fascination. Also this city has …


Kusatsu Brand

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Torch Relay host Kusatsu-city in Shiga prefecture, facing the vast Lake Biwa, has been prosperous since old days as a post town, located at the important point in traffic. “Kusatsu brand” is established from coexistance of old traditions and something new born through exchanges. It adds high values to the local attractive products and activates the local economy. Refer to the Home …


Let’s go to Kusatsu River Memorial Park!

“Kusatsu River Memorial Park”, the new vivid spot in Kusatsu city, which hosts Tokyo 2020 Olympic Torch Relay. A part of former Kusatsu River(7km long), which had been famous for “Ceiling River”, were divided into 6 sections. “ai sai park”(No.2 Section) and “de ai park”(No.5 Section), among them, have been open since in 2017. Various events are held there regularly! “ai sai park (Kusatsu River Memorial …

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