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Local Initiatives2020 Venue

Newcomers show the way for Ichinomiya employment conundrum

It’s an early winter weekday, but staff at Third Place guest house in Ichinomiya, Chiba Prefecture, are far from winding down for the off-season.   After checking in two guests, owner Toshimune Hashimoto and his deputy, Keita Irie, wave off a few local surfers who have been using the showers, changing facilities and surfboard lockers that are a feature of Third Place, a Western style accommodation …

Local Initiatives2020 Venue

City surfers look to Ichinomiya for lifestyle sea change

Naminori Real Estate located in Ichinomiya Town, Chiba, has barely opened its doors for business when the phone rings and an inquiry about a seafront property comes in from out of town. “At times the phone hasn’t stopped ringing,” comments staffer Romy Iwashita as she jots down the Tokyo-based caller’s details and preferred date to view the property.  The caller on this mid-November morning has an …

Culture/Tourism/Food2020 Venue

Surf’s up for Chiba town looking to ride 2020 Olympic wave

At Tsurigasaki beach, Ichinomiya Town, a stone torii gate rises solemnly from the silken black sand, marking the place where according to Japanese folklore, Tamayori-hime, a mythological deity and putative mother of Japan’s earliest emperor, Jimmu, first stepped foot on mortal land.   The gate, which is part of the town’s revered Tamasaki Shrine, will serve a more contemporary function when the gods of the surfing …

Local Initiatives2020 Venue

Children of a surfing town learning about marine plastics

Ichinomiya Town, Chiba is located about 70 kilometers from central Tokyo, on the Pacific coast, and 600,000 surfers visit there every year for its quality waves. The waves along Tsurigasaki Beach in particular are said to be world class, and it has been chosen as the venue for surfing, which will be an official event for the first time in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. With a …

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